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Enrollment » 2021-2022 Annual Update & Emergency Card

2021-2022 Annual Update & Emergency Card

If you are brand new to the district, you have already filled out these forms. There are TWO important forms we need each year:
  1. The emergency card update
  2. Annual Parent Notice - contains important information for you (listed below) and the permissions required annually for students to participate in field trips, media releases and other things
Please use the PowerSchool parent portal to do this:
Choose "Forms" from the left side menu while logged into your PowerSchool Parent Portal and fill in the following forms:
This is the real homework. Please take a moment to download the following forms and read them. You will have an opportunity to download them from PowerSchool as well. You will be agreeing that you've read and agree to all of the forms listed:
The NCSD provides technology to all students in the district:
Grades TK-1: There are a set of 16 iPads in each classroom for student use while in class.
Grades 2-5: A class set of chromebooks is available in a cart in each classroom. There are enough devices for each student to be assigned a device by their teacher. 
Grades 6-8: Students in these grades have access to a 1:1 program. In August students in these grades will be assigned a district issued Chromebook in a hard case with a power cord (Chromebook package). The expectation is that students will bring their assigned charged chromebook to school daily.
Parent/Guardians and students are expected to follow all rules outlined in the Technology Acceptable Use Policy (BP E6163.4). Electronic acknowledgement that both parent/guardians along with the student have read and agree to this policy which is included in the Annual Parent Notice. 
Students participating in the Chromebook 1:1 program at Seven Hills must sign the Chromebook Contract, it contains information about the optional insurance program. Students will keep their chromebook until they leave the school. Example: A 6th grade student will turn in their chromebook at the end of their 8th grade year.
If you need to fill out any of these optional forms you can upload them during the annual enrollment update in PowerSchool or deliver to your school office;
Mobile App Configuration
Now that you have all of your paperwork done you might want to access your portal from your mobile device. From the Google Play store or Apple Store download the PowerSchool Mobile App.