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Gail Beitz

Gail Beitz has worked in the Nevada City School District for 25 years starting her service as an aide in the Title 1 program. For the last 21 years, she is the smiling, cheerful face that first greets the families of Deer Creek School. Gail is the backbone of our school.  Every morning she comes to work with a positive demeanor and with the goal of making sure the students, families, and staff are supported. Gail is patient, professional, helpful, and above all, truly cares about everyone. For the last 12 years, every Friday, without fail, Gail brings fresh-baked cookies to the staff of Deer Creek. All the staff wander through the office to say, “Good morning,” and make sure they see the surprise recipe of that week.


She is the queen of multi-tasking because you always feel like your needs are the most important at that moment even though she is in the middle of three other tasks. Our school runs smoothly because of her. You can trust that she will follow through and get the job done correctly. During the last five years, she has learned how to use Google shared documents, link sources and photos, use Google calendar and notifications, spreadsheets, forms, and email blasts.  She schedules community visits such as Farmer lessons, Child Puppeteers, 504’s, and Rotary volunteers. Every day, Gail goes above and beyond her duties and jumps in anytime help is needed.


School and Community Involvement:

Gail is on the Positive Behavior Integrated Supports (PBIS) team because she realizes school climate starts with her. She is the face or our school comforting students when they are injured, celebrating when they lost a tooth, counseling them when their choices are disappointing, and cheering for them when they share their successes. For families, she lends an ear to help them navigate the school system whether it be enrolling their child or making sure they have a 2nd copy of the lost field trip form.  Volunteers and community members are treated like gold because she knows the difference they can make in the school.


Gail does her job with pride and values the confidential nature of her role. She is discreet and uses excellent judgement in all her duties. She is respected by the entire Deer Creek community.


Leadership and Commitment:

Gail is patient, takes initiative, and works from her heart. She meets deadlines and manages her “to do list” to make sure she completes the daily tasks that need to be done as well as the big picture calendar items that need to be scheduled. Gail is always improving operational procedures to make sure they are efficient and easy for everyone involved.  She notices what is not working, what needs to be improved, and pays attention to details. Gail is our rock.  We all lean on her and she is the key employee who keeps us all together working towards the common goal of improving what we do for the children and families of Deer Creek.