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Safety Alert

The Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Office has received word from the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) that a scam has been reported on several occasions in Nevada County.  Reports of FALSE kidnappings were reported to the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, by parents, on November 28 and 29th.  Parents received calls from an unknown number, advising them that the caller has their children.  The caller then inquired “how much money the children were worth” and directed parents to pay.  The caller provides no detailed information regarding the children’s names, ages, school attended, or a specific amount of money requested.

The scare that this situation poses, as well as the high potential for scamming people out of money is of the utmost concern.  PLEASE notify the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office or local law enforcement agency if you receive a call of this nature.  NCSO is working on these cases in collaboration with the FBI.  This scam has been reported across several states.  

A free app, “LIFE 360” is available for downloading on all cell phones.  This application is a two-way tracking app. Students find this app to be minimally invasive as not only can their parents see where they are, but they can see where their parents are.  This application may provide some reassurance for parents if they receive these types of calls from scammers.

John Baggett is Appointed as the New Superintendent of the Nevada City School District

Thank you to all of you who participated in the process to find a new superintendent, including the Stakeholder Committee and our search lead, Dan Zeisler, in partnership with NCSoS.
We are so excited to welcome John Baggett as the new superintendent of the Nevada City School District / July 1, 2022.
We would also like to thank Superintendent Daugherty for leading the district over the past three years, through some pretty challenging times.
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