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Curriculum & Instruction

Welcome to the Nevada City School District's Curriculum and Instruction home page! 


The Nevada City School District is committed to educating the whole child. The curriculum and instruction are designed to assist each child to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, ethically, and aesthetically.  We support all students as they become active, engaged learners.  Standards, curriculum, and assessment shape the learning experience for students in our district. The district has adopted the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Math in addition to the California Content standards in all other curricular areas. The Nevada City School District teachers provide a high-quality, standards-based, rigorous, and relevant curriculum for all students. Each student is guaranteed access to the grade level core academic instruction in English/Language Arts and Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science, as well as Physical Education. All staff members assess their students using state standards as the benchmark for grade-level expectations.


Nevada City School District Curriculum Committee

The Nevada City School District Curriculum Committee serves as a forum for curricula discussion, feedback, and advisory throughout the district, including, but not limited to, the State Department of Education Model Curriculum Standards, California's Common Core Standards, District Courses of Student, online learning curriculum alignment, staff development, curriculum practices and methodologies, integrated curriculum and testing, evaluation, and accountability.


The curriculum committee meets throughout the school year. Membership includes: 

  • Certificated Members (Teachers) 
  • Classified Members (Instructional Assistants, secretaries) 
  • School Principals from Deer Creek Elementary School and Seven Hills Middle School 
  • Coordinator of Student Services 
  • Seven Hills Middle School Dean 
  • Director of Technology 
  • Superintendent of Nevada City School District (Facilitator of the Committee)


The Curriculum Committee continually evaluates instructional strategies and student achievement to ensure all students receive instruction that is academically and developmentally challenging. Technology tools and resources are integral to instruction and student assessment processes in order to help all students achieve to the best of their abilities. 


The Nevada City School District is dedicated to providing the best to our students, community and our future. 



John Baggett, Nevada City School District Superintendent 

Jennifer Vierra, Administrative Assistant, 530-265-1827