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Talking Points- Schools for Sound Finance

Fair implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula

The 2013-14 State Budget brought about the most sweeping education finance reform California has seen in more than 40 years. As the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) is implemented, (SF)2 will be active in ensuring the fair treatment of community-funded districts, including the transition of districts from basic aid to state aid status.

Transitional Kindergarten Expansion

Several Democratic Senators have introduced Senate Bill (SB) 837, the Kindergarten Readiness Act, which would create a new program for children who have never previously been eligible to attend public schools. If the Kindergarten Readiness Program is funded through the LCFF, community-funded districts would not receive additional funding for teaching an additional grade level. Should California choose to create a new grade level, it must be funded adequately for all districts regardless of whether the existing public school system is supported locally or by the state.

Continue to Develop Basic Aid Allies
It remains vitally important to establish positive relationships now with legislators who represent community-funded districts so that they can be our allies if basic aid districts should need their support. As long as basic aid districts remain funded primarily by their local communities—instead of by the state—it is important to establish and maintain positive legislative relationships.

Fair Share Reduction Restoration
Community-funded districts experienced the same loss of funding through the Great Recession as state-funded districts—simply taken in a different manner—with a promise of restoration as state-funded districts were restored. Even as state-funded districts are restored due to the improving economy through increased funding, the state no longer seems committed to restoring community-funded districts. (SF)2 will continue to educate its stakeholders and allies of the cuts community-funded districts received and look for opportunities to restore the Fair Share Reduction.

Evaluate Tax Reform Proposals
Several groups are seeking school district support for various tax reform proposals that may impact funding for basic aid districts. (SF)2 will analyze proposals as they are finalized and provide guidance on adopting a position of support, opposition, or neutrality.