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Enrolling in our Schools! » Step 4: Complete registration forms

Step 4: Complete registration forms

After your application has been approved, you will receive an email with instructions to create your PowerSchool account. If you haven't received this email and verified with the school office staff that your application has been approved, the email may have ended up in your SPAM folder. We are happy to send it to you if you can't find it! 
Watch this short tutorial video on "How to Create your Parent Portal account"
Note: You may already have a PowerSchool Parent Portal account if you have (or have had in the past) another child in the district. In this case you will simply ADD the newly enrolling student in the same portal. Watch this short tutorial video on "How to ADD siblings to your portal" Now that you're all logged in you are ready to start filling out the online 'forms' in PowerSchool
Please notice the "FORMS" menu item on the left side menu - that's where you will find the forms you need to fill out for us. If you run into a bind, please contact the school office. Deer Creek (530) 265-1870 - Seven Hills (530) 265-1840
Wondering about all of that paperwork we asked you to collect for us? You can upload those right into your powerschool portal. Please watch this short video on "How to upload your documents into PowerSchool"
**If you are having troubles uploading your documents we will be happy to accept them in the school office**
Transportation services provided by Durham Transportation - Click here for more information
All California schools are able to provide Free meals to all students for the 2022-2023 school year! We will be serving breakfast and lunch to students if they are ordered during 1st period. Lunches will be ordered the same day, breakfast will be ordered the prior day. Example: On a Monday a student can order lunch for Monday and breakfast for Tuesday.