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Cindy MacIntosh

Cindy MacIntosh 2014-15 Teacher Who Makes a Difference

Mrs. MacIntosh has been teaching for 30 years as a regular teacher and an additional 3 years substituting. She has been educating students for 25 years in the Nevada City School District beginning with the home study program, then as a 7th grade humanities/art teacher and finally as a fifth grade teacher.

Cindy has recently changed grade level from a 7th grade Humanities teacher and became an instant master teacher in the 5th grade. Over the past two years that I have known her, Mrs. MacIntosh has embraced the joy of teaching. She has become a master innovator in the classroom, pioneering new technology, and teaching to the whole child. Students in her class come to school each day, ready and excited to learn. They dive readily into new programs, with new experiences that allow for multiple modalities to work with the information. The students constantly strive to reach her expectations, enjoying every minute of the challenge.

She has also helped her students become self-educators. The teacher student connection goes beyond just the classroom, when she shares her slide shows, notes and more with students. The students and teacher share comments back and forth, improving on each other’s knowledge. This type of sharing is just one form that has helped create an environment where students feel safe, and willing to share. As you can see, socially, emotionally, academically, artistically, and technologically, Mrs. MacIntosh’s students receive a top-notch educational experience.