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Annette McTighe

Annette McTighe Named Classified Employee of the Year 2012-13

Annette McTighe exemplifies and models hard work, a positive attitude, a can-do spirit, a passion for helping others and a determination to do all this with gratitude for the job she wholeheartedly embraces. Day in and day out Annette takes on a multitude of tasks at the Nevada City School District office that range from data entry, personnel records organization and State Academic test oversight to more complex and accuracy driven processes including legal contract documentation, management of board policy and public relations efforts. Annette addresses each of these tasks in a proactive manner, gathering information from a variety of sources to be as efficient and effective as possible, and seeing the product of her efforts as something that someone else will benefit from. Annette McTighe’s positive attitude is contagious and it is obvious as one meets the other members of the district office management team. Upon entering the district office guests are greeted with a smile and a, “How can I help you!” from Annette as she works to help others be effective in their efforts. One gets a sense that Annette does not necessarily see her job so much as a challenge but as a way to assist those who have challenges. In her role as Assistant to the Superintendent Annette has defined her position as a skilled, helpful, ready to assist liaison to the students, staff, parents and community of the Nevada City School District.

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