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Marcia Darden

Marcia Darden Named 2012-13 Teacher Who Makes a Difference

Marcia Darden is the type of teacher we would all want for our own children. Each and every day when her young students enter Marcia’s classroom they know they are appreciated and cared for and they will be provided learning experiences that will stretch their minds and hearts, as well as their imagination. For the past 27 years Marcia has taught a multitude of elementary school grades at Deer Creek School in the Nevada City School District and this year she has a combination class of twenty-nine second and third graders. Each one of her students in her combination class knows that they are part of a family that supports and encourages each member to be successful. Marcia embodies that quality of an educator who teaches to the whole child and provides an education that opens doors to all possibilities. What more does a great educator do but change the world through the children they have educated. Students that have Mrs. Darden as their teacher know the value of a great education and gain a perspective that they can make a difference and that they can change the world. Marcia, thank you for making such a tremendous difference in the lives of your students and their families.