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Debbie Sturgill

Debbie Sturgill Classified Employee of the Year 2016-17

Work Performance:
Debbie Sturgill has worked in the Nevada City School District for 35 years. Currently, she supports several high needs special education students. SUPERHUMAN is the word that comes to mind. Her patience, professionalism, firm love, and high standards provide these students the structure needed for success. The question we always ask as a staff is, “What does she not do?” When there is a substitute, she steps in and coordinates all the details of the day to make sure students keep their routines. Everyday, she goes beyond her job duties from changing diapers and potty training to attending two hour after school Love and Logic classes on her own time. She is self-motivated to constantly improve and be the best support for the students she works with. Debbie holds them very accountable and does not let them get away with anything, which they are masters at. Debbie is responsible for the most challenging students at Deer Creek that require that special person; she is that and more.

School and Community Involvement:
Positive Behavior Integrated Supports (PBIS), Love and Logic and the Toolbox are intricate systems we use at Deer Creek to foster a positive, proactive, school culture. Debbie attends every training and immediately implements what she is learning. When walking through the hall or out on the playground, she will encourage, recognize, or take the time to guide a more positive choice by a student from any class. She is always smiling and positive despite the situation. She has been spit at, hit, and everything else in-between, yet continues to love the students in her care. Debbie is tremendously respected by all staff and we a lucky to have her.

Leadership and Commitment:
Debbie takes initiative and works from her heart. She notices what is not working, what needs to be improved, and pays attention to her students. She looks beyond the behavior trying to determine the antecedent and motivation behind their choice. She models good choices and always remains calm. Debbie is the first person to step in and take over when we are short staffed juggling multiple students and multitasking yet never complains.

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